If you think you are a badass when you double end a deal as a real estate agent, I bet you will feel like Superman when you triple end it.

When you double end, you basically are the agent for both the buyer and the seller of a given property, but when you triple end you are not only representing the buyer and the seller, but the new “buyer” as well. Here is how it works:


1. You have a buyer that is looking for a 4 bedroom 2 bath home. You go out there and look for a home in a community. Find the homes that match the criteria and contact the homeowners


2. Out of several homes, you might find a seller that is willing to sell the home to your buyer.


3. Once the transaction is done, you most likely built good rapport with the seller. Now he needs a new property. Your seller becomes a new buyer. This is your third transaction.


I know this requires a lot of work, but look at the bright side. You are offering your buyer exclusivity to properties that no one has seen. The transaction will most likely be smoother, with no bidding war between multiple buyers. The seller won’t have to deal with tens of people going thru their home. It’s a win, win, win!  


You’re welcome!


And at this point, you probably are asking yourself, why I would give this idea out. Because the more agents that can work together using this idea the more buyers and sellers we can help. (And I am not worried about my competition getting ahead, because there are only a few agents out there that are willing to work this hard to make it happen. Most agents just take the easy route and go to the Metrolist Service to find homes).


Alex Sirb is a residential real estate agent in Northern California/Sacramento area, focusing on high-end and luxury properties. 

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