We all seen the underdog win competitions. Be it the newbie in sports, when Joseph Schooling defeated Michael Phelps at 100 meter butterfly, or in IT, when Google became the biggest search engine and overtook Yahoo, and so on. Underdogs can beat their bigger competitiors and become great companies and heros for the rest of the world to see. So here is how the rookie agent can possibly sell your home and beat the experienced real estate firm.


The tagline is this: 15 Years of Experience or 1 Year Repeated 15 Times?

When a person starts in a new career, he or she acts like a sponge gaining knowledge and ideas. He learns as much as possible and applies new ideas at 100 mph. However, somewhere along the line, he slows down. After several good results, he feels as he knows enough, so the learning stops. Most agents learn a lot in the first year and then repeat that for the rest of their career. They never read a book in negotiations or take a class to improve thier marketing skills. The typical agent has one year of experience which is repeated 15 times.  This is basically one year of experience. And then the rookie agent shows up. He is hungry and restless, and tries everything to become successful. The rookie takes the new information and ideas and beats the senior agent at his own game.


Remember, that we get paid on exectution and not on what we know. Just like an athlete, if you executed very well last season, it does not mean that you will win again this season. Unless you execute at the same level or higher. Same thing with any professional out there, especially in real estate. If last year you sold the most expensive home in Sacramento, it does not mean that this year you are again the best, unless you work hard and hustle.


Bottom line: the new agent can get ahead just by putting a lot of hours into the business and bringing new ideas and information that will help with selling the homes in your community. So I advise all agents to keep on learning and do not rest, as there is always someone out there ready to take your spot. Good luck!


Alex Sirb is a residential real estate agent in Northern California/Sacramento area, focusing on high-end and luxury properties. 


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