I think you will agree that she got the deal of her lifetime, and you could, too!

Meet Samantha, a single mom with three kids and a grandchild. She was looking to buy a home and find one in about two months. Being a first time buyer, she needed a bigger home as her apartment was becoming, too small. The location was very important, it had to be close to her and her children’s place or work. In a nutshell, she needed a big home, in a good area with a minimal down payment.


After she talked to a few friends, she was lucky enough to come across my name. One of her friends has passed on my business card and next thing you know, we were having coffee at Starbucks to look at her home buying options.


A typical buyer would take four to six weeks to find a home, and then enter in a contract that will last 30 to 60 days. Well, Samantha is not a typical buyer, and I am not the typical realtor, so I went to the office and started working hard on finding a home. Three days later we found the home, the one that will make her say, “This is it!” Not only that I found the home in three days, but it was a huge home, in a great location and it was just remodeled. It already had a great price, but I negotiated a lower price and had the seller pay some of the closing costs.


Knowing that when you buy a home, you need to buy a new fridge and other furniture, Samantha needed a loan officer that will get her great financing. The loan officer was not only able to get her a low down payment loan, it actually approved my client for a NO down payment loan. Samantha was approved for a loan that will cover her down payment, and her closing costs, so she did not have to pay anything out of pocket.


About 45 days later, Samantha has moved in her new home that has plenty of space and a big backyard for her grandchild. She has a low monthly payment and a short commute to work. All that for trusting me with her home purchase. You could get a great home, too. All you have to do is reach out to me.


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