I have heard this a some time ago and I heard it again yesterday. “High Net Worth Individuals" are easy to approach, once you get past the gatekeepers.” I believe this for two reasons, one is that two mentors of mine had told me so, and the second reason is because I have experienced it myself.


This article is obviously not focused on real estate, but I decided to write it as each one of us at one point needed to contact someone that was hard to reach. Most of those people that are “busy” are highly successful CEOs, politicians, celebrities, or wealthy individuals that have connections, money or some knowledge that we need.


I am not going to tell you how to do it, what to do, or what’s the right way. I will tell you what I did and let you decide for yourself. Either way, be mindful of the person you are contacting, he or she, does not own you anything. So give them something in exchange for their time.


My mentor has given me the idea to reach out to the community by writing a letter of introduction. I have wrote 20 letters and sent them out to different businesses where I live and work. Out of the 20 letters, no one responded. Bummer! But you know better, giving up does not solve the problem. So I have decided to find the email address of the owners of those businesses. One person responded, we set up a meeting, I showed up to his office, and he was not there. Bummer again! It was my fault as  I never confirmed the meeting with that individual, on the day of the appointment. A few days later I decide to do a selfie video and send it to those contacts to introduce myself “in person”. I got another response through email. The person stated directly that he does not need my services. Even if I was not trying to sale anything, and just wanted to meet the leaders in my community. Bummer again!


However, a few days after I sent the first email, I got a reply back from one owner. We decided to meet a few weeks ahead for a coffee. Bingo! I am grateful I did not give up. Without going to much in details, I have to say that at that meeting I got some great advice, and seven other contacts, two on the spot and the rest in the coming months.


If you look at the story again, you will realize that I tried really hard to reach those people, by mail, email and video. Just a few responded with a negative answer. However, once I got in front of one person, I got seven new contacts. My network just expanded almost instantly with seven new High Net Worth Individuals. As I was saying, once you get in front of the right person, the gates will open, and by the way, the only value I provided was a cup of coffee. Wait until I become a resource for them; they will probably lend me their Rolodex.


By the way, seven months later I got another response to my 20 mail/email attempt. I have met with that person recently and we are staying in contact.


So next time you are afraid to reach out, think of my 20 envelopes, and the emails and videos I sent. It does work if you decide to reach out to people, if you decide to be mindful of their time and provide some value, a coffee!  



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