If you were ever in the market for a home, you probably looked on Zillow, Metrolist or Realtor to find homes that fit your criteria. Most of the homes out there had a description that goes like this:

“Three bedrooms, two bath home with good size backyard. New appliances, granite countertop and new hardwood floor. “

It is the typical home out there with the regular description. Nothing wrong with it, however if you were in the market for a luxury property, you will probably be shocked to see anything close to the description above. Why so? Because, someone that is ready to throw a few millions for a property, primary, or vacation property, is expecting to get more than just a few rooms and a garden with upgraded countertops. A luxury buyers is looking for a certain lifestyle, they want the things, the features that will allow them to live the life at the fullest.

Here is what high-end clients are looking for, today. And of course, if they don’t even ask for it, they will still probably get it as it is expected of a property that cost several times the average house.


Open Concept – Even if you have four to ten thousand square feet, if you do not have an open concept, lots of light and plenty of room to walk through the house, your property will not fly as prestigious.


The Level – No matter how old your client is, could be 22 years old kid that made lots of money in the stock market, or a real estate magnate at 50 years old, they both will most likely desire a one story home. One story home can have even more open concept, it does not require to go up and down the stairs every day and it looks much more pleasing to the eye than a property that packed to fit the same square feet on two levels.


Inside to Outside – Sliding doors are popular, French doors are great as well, but a 30 feet wall that is all glass and slides open automatically from one side to another is a must have for modern luxury. It not only makes the home feel bigger, but it’s great for entertaining, especially if you have a big party going on.


The Kitchen – Besides having all the bells and whistles, the kitchen has to have top of the line appliances. If you hear a brand name and you automatically think, “That cost more than my first car”, you are on the good road. Just like I mentioned, it has to have everything from a warming drawer to all the appliances and features that make your life easier. Think of a kitchen worthy of a world renowned chef and you will get it right.


Outdoor – Talking about kitchens you will also need one outdoor and you will need a good size green space and the most important part is a swimming pool. The pool has to be one of a kind. Think zero edge pool, with awesome lights and even waterfall. Don’t forget about the outside shower area.


The View – I am not going to say, location, location, location. But the most important thing is the view and the location. First of all it has to be in a great area, where everyone buys home in the same range. Second, the view especially from the backyard, has to be stunning. If you find a place where no one will build homes to obstruct your view or homes that will disrupt your privacy, you will get a premium for it.

There are a lot of other aspects that make a home a luxury property. Too many to list them here. If you want to get an idea, just contact us and will take you to one of the prestigious homes in the area. Expect to see the unexpected in Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Truckee, Sacramento and Roseville.

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