We all know that wealthy clients get, most of the time, the biggest homes with top of the line features, but have you ever wondered what those features are and what they look like? On an earlier article "I Don't Sell Homes, I Sell a Lifestyle" you can see the entire list. Here I will focus on the Open Space Concept

When you hear the word lifestyle would usually mean expensive, high-end living, as well as healthy living, exercise and good nutrition. It also includes vacations and lot's of free time and of course it almost always brings up the picture of your house. There is one growing number of people that are redifinign lifestyle. They are the baby boomers that are 55 and beyond. 

I have heard this a some time ago and I heard it again yesterday. “High Net Worth Individuals" are easy to approach, once you get past the gatekeepers.” I believe this for two reasons, one is that two mentors of mine had told me so, and the second reason is because I have experienced it myself.


Today I have learned a valuable lesson in luxury real estate. First when you think luxury, you probably think expensive cars, lots of money, big mansions and super expensive fashion clothes. Now that we got that down, let me show you what I learned about selling expensive mansions!

Every real estate agent has a marketing plan, some have a ten points marketing plan, other have a 99 points marketing strategy. Some agents make calls to possible buyers, other use social media and the internet. No matter what a realtor does, there are two reason a home would not sell.

I think you will agree that she got the deal of her lifetime, and you could, too!

Meet Samantha, a single mom with three kids and a grandchild. She was looking to buy a home and find one in about two months. Being a first time buyer, she needed a bigger home as her apartment was becoming, too small. The location was very important, it had to be close to her and her children’s place or work. In a nutshell, she needed a big home, in a good area with a minimal down payment.

Yes, you heard me right, I am not happy to see so many real estate agents take advantage of you and all the other home sellers out there. When something seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true, period.