Alex Sirb



I don't just sell homes, I sell places where families come together, dreams come true and memories are made, all while making sure my clients have a blast during the process.


Expect to see view the best homes on the market for you. Expect to find the most beautiful homes and to find the perfect one in a short period of time. Why? Because that's why you called me, to get the best homes and to get them quickly!


To help my clients with their real estate needs be their first home, their investment property or their vacation home.


The wealthiest people in the world own real estate, lots of real estate, you should too. Buy your first home or invest in the next one.


I understand that it is way better to do business with someone you know. You can build trust and maybe even find out that you have common interests. Here are some of my interests:

  • I love good food, better said, great food. Every now and then I go to a Michelin Star restaurant in Napa, California. Whenever I travel, I try to find one place that has at least 1 Michelin Star and try it out. My family also cooks at home and so does my wife, therefore I appreciate homemade recipes, with organic ingredients. So if you are a food enthusiast, chef or restaurateur, I will definitely try to find out more about you and the art of food.

  • I love animals and I care for the environment. I never been in an expedition to help animals in the wild, but I do everything I can to help them from my home. Talk to me about bees and avoiding bee-killing pesticides, or recycling and you got my attention.

  • I have an affinity for building and design. I picked this up from my father while working with him in his woodworking shop. I learned to appreciate wood, great design in cabinets, and quality that will withstand tens, or maybe even hundreds of years. From that I moved on to buildings and high rises. One day I will build great buildings at home and around the world.

  • I have great respect for entrepreneurs and those business people that work hard to make things happen. I discovered this “special group” after I finished college. I admire them for their persistence and determination to succeed. It is not easy being an entrepreneur, believe me! If you are a just starting out or an established business person, I promise I will respect your time. It is the one thing that we cannot buy back.


Buyers: We have a special formula to find a home much faster than the average buyer in Sacramento, and get your offers accepted. It’s a combination or proactive activities, negotiation and timing that will help find sellers before the competition, and get contracts accepted.

Sellers: Are you trying to get more money for your house? There is a way to do so. It’s a special combination of negotiations, timing and presentation that will allow your home to sell for more money.

If you are asking yourself how one could know both the buyer’s and the seller’s secret formula, and if you are reluctant how one person can be an expert on both, you have to understand that real estate is all about buying and selling. If you do not know both sides of the equation, how could you resolve the problem?

Some agents buy and sell a lot of homes. They have prospected, contacted and met a lot of clients. But does that really make them good agents? Not really. That makes them good followers. They followed the rules, contacted a lot of people and closed transactions for clients. But if an agent have not obtained anything special for clients, a better price, a better house, a faster sale, then he is just another agent. Choose wisely!



I do not sell 100 or 200 homes as some agents do. I don’t plan to become the “Walmart” of real estate. I do not have 10 assistants to do all my work, so WHEN YOU WORK WITH ME YOU WILL GET MYSELF ON THE PHONE. I look for perfection and impact, therefore I run my business as a specialized boutique store, specifically made for the elite few. We are all aware of the boutique stores in New York, LA, Tokyo and London. Comparing with Macys, the boutique stores make more per square feet and with fewer customers. That’s exactly what you will get, better service, better quality and more attention to you as a client.


I present myself professionally, but I do not have flashy cars or flashy clothes. My cars will not make you more money, my negotiation style will. I make more money negotiating for my clients, than any other task. Therefore it makes sense to focus on negotiation for you and getting the most for your bucks, rather than  on the latest fashion.



Contact me by phone at 916-770-7783 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Feel free to use the "Contact Us" form on the website if it’s more convenient.