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To help my clients with their real estate needs be their first home, their investment property or their vacation home.


The wealthiest people in the world own real estate, you should too. Buy your first home or invest in the next one.


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  • Why you should buy a home with me?

    There are two questions that I get asked a lot. The first question is why buy a home? Why do so when you can rent? And the second question is why should I buy with you?

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  • Why buy a home?

    For those of you out there, that are on the fence of buying ahome or maybe selling your existing one and getting another one. I want to give you a few reasons to get off teh fence and make a decision.

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  • One Thing to Get Right in Life and Real Estate

    When I first started in the real estate industry I understood that I have to learn from those that have been there before me, and those that are “playing the game” at a higher level. I have started following every successful realtor, sales trainer and entrepreneur out there. I have gone to seminars, industry meetings used every other resource possible to find out the “secret sauce”. The best resource I found were books, books about sales training, biographies of entrepreneurs and motivational stories.

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  • Three Things I Wish I Knew Before Trying To Sale by Owner

    With the spring season, the number of homes for sale will increase, so will the homes sold by owners or FSBOs (For Sale By Owner). In every market, homeowners will try to save some money by negotiating a higher price, better terms or simply by trying to sale the home themselves without a real estate agent. On paper it makes sense, eliminate the agent and save the commission, however in today’s world the scenario plays differently.

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  • Residential Income - Beyond Single Family Homes

    Buying a home to rent out is a great idea. A home in general is a liability, however when turned into a rental is becomes an investment, an income producing asset. However I am not going to write about that today. I am going to focus on something much better, duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes. Why do I think they are better? Here are some of the reasons

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